Super Spacer’s outstanding durability is directly related to its edge seal design. Conventional dual-seal technology first lays down two  polyisobutylene (PIB) moisture-barrier side beads on a metal spacer, backing them up on the outside a structural sealant to hold the spacing system together.

Conventional dual seal
TriSeal’s triple-seal design provides superior argon gas retention, low moisture-vapor transmission and optimal structural strength .its unique triple-seal design incorporates an inner acrylic adhesive seal for immediate unit handling.

Laminated Safety Glass
Polymer Interlayer between at least two glass panes.Primary Function to achieve a laminate and minimize risk injuries = pure safety properties

Requirements for Architectural Application
- Compound effect, spall adhesion
- improve Safety performance against damage (e.g. hurricanes, burglary, …)
- Different requirements for crash protection ( no head-injury  risk)   allows application of interlayer with Improved stiffness
- High requirements on  dimensional stability of glass laminated, safe post-breakage behavior especially for overhead glazing

Super Spacer Structural Foam Spacer
SGI Produces insulating glass made with the latest Warm Edge Spacer Technology – Super Spacer –the world’s only 100% foam, NO-meal, Warm Edge sealing system. Super Spacer blocks the heat escape path, protects against condensation, retains gas between the panes, and provides one of the best thermal performances in the industry:
•Passes the toughest industry test (ASTM 2190;EN 1279)
•ASTM E330 120* psf positive, 155*psf negative
•Warmer sightline, improved U-Value, improved noise reduction

Sustainable Future = Sustainable Energy
Full-metal spacer
With conventional metal spacer, condensation is a fact of life.
Less-Metal Spacer
Mid-performance spacer system that still contain metal improve condensation resistance.
NO-Metal  Super spacer
All-foam design dramatically reduces interior condensation ,delivering a clear view in Warm Edge technology.

Quality Component
Our highly automated glass line required no manual manipulation. This dramatically reduces seal failure caused by human contact with the glass. The robotic equipment provides an incredible level of accuracy for a fast efficient material flow.

The production line involves specialized equipment including:
1.Automated glass washing machine
2.Super Spacer application for better thermal properties
3.Fully automated gas filling for constant glass-fill rates
4.Sealing robotics for accurate vertical sealing

Reducing the number of human touch points in the manufacturing process through automation allows minimized risk and increased quality of insulated glass units at a lower cost.
Automation help to effectively limit that contact on the line through both reduction in line personnel required and precise, machined processing of each unit.

For you, this translates to complete peace of mind. You have the confidence that your IG unit is manufactured with the highest quality standard and will provide long-lasting durable performance

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