Welcome to Round Office

ROUND OFFICE SAUDI ARABIA is a subsidiary of the Saudi German Aluminum Products Company (SGAPCO) of Saudi Arabia.

Round Office Saudi Arabia has been established with an initial investment of SR 20 Million, under the Industrial License NO. 994 from, The Ministry of Industry and Electricity of Saudi Arabia. The scope of business id to manufacture high quality office furniture’s backed up by license of know –how from the Swedish firm, Round Office International AB. Round Office International draws upon more than a quarter of century’s experience in designing, developing, manufacturing and marketing of high quality office furniture’s. It is the leader ergonomically engineered furniture’s, with manufacturing facilities in Sweden and Saudi Arabia.

With over 25 years of experience behind it, Round Office is justifiably proud of its reputation as one of the foremost designers and manufactures of ergonomically designed furniture’s.

Round Office is the pioneer in creativity for tomorrow’s designs. The numerous showroom located in many capital cities of worlds reflect Round Office international appeal and its international client base.