Place a person in a circle of reasonable proportions , and she can reach without needing in stretch . the form become a part of the person in a part of her way of moving and working. It seems to be completely  natural but then again. Circle is the most of  all shape its stands as a symbol  for wholeness renewal and  timeless.
Ask thousand people what the freedom is and you will get a thousand answers. Freedom is choice , for example .
In this particular case. It means something without limitations. And its means  that the sheer number of variation is virtually endless. But freedom it also feeling of openness, of open space , of attractive shapes. If you experience that you will be feeling as thousand s others do.
A well thought out of idea is one that endures changes it  can be adjusted over time. According to the needs and condition that arise.
The quality remain – even when something is added remove or  exchanges. In most  cases such an idea is good from the beginning that it only improve with time  it will never seem old .
The idea
Round office is complete system for modern bank  interiors .Furnishing  that are functional convet subly elegance and classic good taste. The heart of the system is a around desk with allow maximum work space using a minimum floor space.
The ability to combine both round and straight desk component give the possibility to customize your working to suit your own area special needs.
Few furniture system are based as such thorough economics studies as around office.
The furniture is designed base at the person and her task . every step is taken to reduce the risk of back and neck strain
The desk is available I models with either fix or adjustable height levels.

Round office is adaptedot he new way of the working  in a nak office. Both and regards to the technology  and the practical everyday of working.
In the past personnel at their desk  for the majority of the working day
Now aday. Job duties are more varried  are personnel are on the go they are standing and walking a greater  extend.



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