Why Round Office?

1. Features 40 mm thick table tops with solid wood edge trim in combination with a most flexible Aluminum system of the premium quality. A sturdy construction built to last, day and night, year after year.

2. Friendly for human back by reducing the risk factor of back and neck injury. Everything on your desk is within easy reach, there is no complicated stretching that can damage your back or strain your neck. Ergonomically designed to help you, work more efficiently.

3. Save your money by giving you maximum workspace using minimum of floor space. Round Office is ideal to open space concept which open up information channels, facilities and simulates cooperation.

4. A modular system where there is a Solution of every situation. The sheer number of variation is virtually endless thanks to the Round table element in 45º, 60º, 90º and 120º which can be combined with straight elements of varying length.

5. Gives you the freedom to adjust and re-design your furniture’s setup in the future economically without limitations. The qualities remain same when something is added or removed or exchanged. Allows you to easily modify or update your furniture’s configuration to keep up with changing technology.

6. The looks of Round Office are rich and delight the sense. There are wide choices of finishes to meet individual taste as the table tops come in Beech, Birch, Ash, Mahogany, Natural wood, Melamine & many more.

7. Round Office is complete office furniture’s system with a full range including workstation, storage units, Conference tables, Reception counters, Partitions, Cashier Counter, Training room, Sales counter, Control room, Bank counters Etc. Even the single desk can be completed with screen, Shelves and racks all within the area of desk.

8. In short, Round Office furniture’s system radiates Craftsmanship and Exclusivity, with unmatched emphasis on quality.



Counters, Desks, Accessories, Executive lines, Storage lines, Control Lines